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    IT ESCORT – Ukrainian company specializing in the automation of business processes in the commercial and public sectors. We provide a wide range of services from the implementation of information security systems, the design and installation of corporate network information systems to the maintenance and development of the company’s IT infrastructure, software development and supply of network equipment and office equipment.






    • Implementation of information security systems to the construction of a full perimeter security of the information environment. This includes the protection of external connections, email protection, the introduction of systems to prevent the leakage of commercial information, data encryption, server and endpoint protection.
    • Implementation of information systems: e-visitor queue management; electronic document management, mobile and portal solutions for creating user accounts with access to unified services and registries. And much more.
    • Construction and maintenance of computing systems based on various technologies, building data centers, the introduction of virtualization technologies and a private cloud.
    • Supply and installation of mobile and modular data centers. Creating a single secure information environment, ready for the challenges of our reality.
    • Development of software and hardware for the tasks of our customers. The company’s portfolio includes solutions for online control of hydrocarbon production, transportation and storage. Monitoring systems of cash turnover of vending and gambling machines






    • Own developed GPS system for monitoring and routing of medical vehicles of ambulance services and official vehicles – Ambulance GPS.
    • Own developed monitoring system of vital indicators of the state of the driver – HEALTH CONTROL SYSTEM. The solution was developed for SHELL and built as a remote monitoring of service bracelets that take readings: temperature, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, pressure and ECG. That allows you to monitor the condition of the driver and monitor the safety of vehicles and passengers.
    • Management of municipal transport, its routing and system fare, built on the basis of the product – NEC FARE COLLECTION SYSTEM with its own developed modules, including a mobile office.






    • Development of a concept for the development of medicine for municipalities and the UTC.
    • Development of a medical assignment for designing the construction or reconstruction of medical institutions
    • Design of medical technology, including the design and subsequent installation of medical gas supply systems, clean room systems.
    • Design and installation of low-current cable systems and data centers for medical institutions, including emergency call systems for medical staff, equipment for operating rooms, telemedicine systems, automated complexes, medical facility management based on a set of programs: enterprise management, medical information system, service call management system emergency care and vehicle monitoring and management systems.






    • Design and Construction of Data Processing Centers.
    • Supply of computer, server, network equipment and equipment for print processing.
    • Building and technical support of IP telephony.
    • Deployment of workplace virtualization systems, server and network infrastructure based on VMware and Hyper-V technologies.
    • IT infrastructure audit by certified auditors according to ISO 23001 and ISO 27001 standards.
    • Comprehensive service support for IT systems of the Customer throughout the country by our specialists.
    • Introduction of video conferencing systems – TrueConf, ZOOM, CISCO, Skype for Business.






    • We provide services for the implementation of video surveillance systems and face recognition based on NEC RECOGNITION SYSTEM products. World leader in systems analytics and dynamic face recognition in the stream of people. This product takes the honorable 1st place in the list of NYU.
    • Implementing analytics of unstructured data for analyzing video, audio and text content based on HP Autonomy IDOL product.
    • Design and construction of perimeter security systems based on various technologies.

    We Are Chosen Because Of:

    • Our team that consists of engineers, systems architects, business consultants, project managers, technicians, software developers and other professionals with years of experience.
    • Comprehensive approach we are guided when solving the problems of the customer: from project development to its complete support and service. We implement the project only in compliance with all prescribed technical requirements.
    • Being certified partners of the leading vendors of network and communication equipment. We have comprehensive experience and close ties with international manufacturers (Microsoft, NEC, HP, etc), as we repeatedly jointly implemented projects in various directions.
    • Deep understanding of the industry specificity of our clients. We use and improve the best world practices of these markets to increase the efficiency of our customers’ business.