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    Education and Science

    Automation of education and science is one of our major fields of activity. In particular, we are focusing on the automation of managerial and educational processes according to modern school development tendencies. Needless to say that the use of technologies in the studying process by both teachers and pupils is an integral part of these tendencies.

    Technologies – is an important tool in the teacher’s hands and it should be used rationally and properly. Ignorance and misunderstanding of how to properly use the available IT-tools that it is advisable to use in the educational process, as a rule, leads to a waste of money on technology, which is then not even used. Sadly, but we know such examples. Unfortunately, the administrations of the vast majority of national schools don’t understand that buying different tablets or devices will not solve the problem of educational process automation.  

    Automation of learning is a complex process requiring a comprehensive approach for its realization. For interactive learning, all technical tools should be integrated into a single infrastructure and work systematically using appropriate information systems that simplify routine functions such as scheduling, lesson planning, student success checking, conducting a lesson etc.

    Using IT-opportunities properly the teaching in schools will be much more efficient. Moreover, learning process will be more exciting for pupils.

    Under these circumstances, IT-Escort company offers unique solutions which will not only modernize studying, but also will prevent from wasting money on a computer equipment. We provide a wide range of services in this area allowing our clients to choose the most suitable products and solutions.

    Our specialists develop and implement software and hardware systems for educational institutions, install and configure the necessary technical equipment, and also they train teachers how to use all this hardware and software.

    The Concept of Modern Computerized School

    Our team has already developed own concept of a modern computerized school under which a school’s IT-infrastructure will be constructed and based on it will be implemented information systems for managerial, educational and training processes automation. Working on this concept, we took into consideration the modern tendencies of school processes development and requirements of educational legislative of Ukraine.

    The scheme of the concept looks like this:

    Advantages of The Concept:

    • modularity (enables phased implementation of necessary solutions without losing relevance of implemented modules);
    • integration with existing IT-infrastructure;
    • optimization of the educational institution’s existing infrastructure under the task of improving the quality of education;
    • ensuring information security of entities and protection of educational information resources;
    • equipping educational institutions with modern computer technology.

    One of the core components of this concept is module “Mobile Software&Hardware Complex”, which includes all the necessary tools and devices for creating a mobile classroom using the latest technologies. So, in other words, this is a mobile computer lab/classroom.

    Mobile Computer Lab — is a flexible and multipurpose solution allowing to cost-effectively computerize educational institutions and ensure general computer literacy and computerization of the educational process.

    The complex includes:

    Basic equipment:

    • a mobile steel cart that allows to store locked away computer interactive equipment, deliver it to the lessons and to deploy within few minutes a local area network of computers on the basis of wireless Wi-Fi technology and start classes in any classroom. This solution enables the use of information technology in any lessons. The cart serves as a place for charging rechargeable batteries, also provides the ability to charge all devices at the same time (provided the centralized network connection);
    • up to 30 tablet PC 10.1″ with a keyboard (transformers) powered by a 4-core Intel Atom processor (for pupils). It allows to work not only with textual educational material/tasks, but also entirely to fill the educational process with modern multimedia content;
    • 15-inch laptop with more powerful configuration (for a teacher). It has all necessary technical characteristics for development and implementation of modular training programs of various levels of complexity;
    • specialized software with interface in Ukrainian for managing computer class;
    • specialized Anti-Malware Software.

    Network hardware:

    • wireless LAN access point;


    • high-performance router (at least one per school).

    Advantages Of Using Mobile Computer Class


    • no need to plan premises according to the schedule and to equip a separate specialized computer class;
    • no need for additional sockets;
    • a mobile class is easily integrated into the information and communication environment of the school;
    • it is possible to use even in lack of electrical supply.


    • all software is installed and ready to use;
    • detailed deployment instructions are provided.


    • available warranty for each component and service network ensures free and prompt replacement of each component in case of its failure;
    • laptops are better protected from external influences and more resilient compared to standard PCs.

    This solution is a benchmark for schools so far. With the use of specialized software mobile computer lab provides opportunities for a teamwork and also serves as an additional tool to monitor task’s fulfillment.

    Mobile Software&Hardware Complex has great potential for improving the quality of education through the use of information and communication technologies. As both computing, demonstration and communication tool, mobile lab is able to meet the needs of each of the participants in the educational process.